Memorable Karate Quotes

Posted: July 17, 2007 in Uncategorized

Gichin Funakoshi’s ideal, who has come to be recognized as the “Father of Karate-do”, was to advance from jutsu (technique) to do (the way). It has become my mission to attain this goal, but a question appears: What is the meaning of “from the technique to the way?” Through what type of training can you attain this ideal?

Karate-jutsu or Karate-do? The difference between both must be very well understood. Karate-jutsu can be considered as nothing other than a technique for homicide, and this is very emphatically, not the objective of Karate-do. Those who want to follow the way of the true Karate must not only coexist with their opponent but attain unity with him. Their is no question with respect to homicide, neither should there be placed any emphasis in winning. When you practice Karate-do, what is most important is to be one with your opponent, move together and to progress together.

That Karate has come to be identified in the eyes of the public as a “homicide art” is very sad and unfortunate. It is not. It is a self defence art, but to attain benefits, the participant must be completely free of egoistic feelings.

Shigeru Egami

The Heart of Karate-do

Karate is like philosophy. Everybody has his own opinion. Who is right? Who is wrong? Nobody can say. Each and everyone must try to attain his/her goal and show that they have created something in their lifetimes.

Mitsusuke Harada